Scarborough Maine

Scarborough Maine
Looking West from deck of Bayley's Lobster Pound Scarborough, Maine, Fall 2013

Thursday, October 23, 2014

 Look within, then look to Montana:

Since July the Portland Press Herald’s (PPH) has been reporting on the University of Southern Maine (USM) Interim President David Flanagan’s strategic plan for the future of USM. PPH’s Maine Voices, Another View and the editorial board’s Our View have been fora for an assortment of opinions from USM faculty, students, administrators, and alum.  Two salient questions have emerged and remain unanswered: What is USM’s identity? And, what does a streamlined USM look like?  The answers may come from within as well as from without. ......(Continue Reading, "Look Within, Then Look to Montana" in Other Writing)

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